Industrial Development

Africa has the capacity to develop and offer its nationals a better quality of life and a higher economic level, but it must recover the “labor share” on its natural resources which constitutes the main wealth of industrialized countries. It must gradually stop offering the processing of its resources to industrialized countries by selling them raw products (ores and others). Selling semi-finished or finished products is much more profitable at all levels in Africa.

A staircase is never made up of a single step. To access the upper level, you have to climb the steps one by one. Progressive and sustained industrialization should be the major objective for Africa. This virtuous ambition can only be concretized with the help of raising awareness among all Africans and by following a coherent implementation plan composed of successive micro steps, easily manageable and of course permanently controllable.

In terms of gaining self-confidence in all Africans, ODEPA is well placed to promote the industrialization of Africa. The act of raising awareness and gaining self-confidence is a prerequisite for any action to efficiently transform society. It’s the YES WE CAN that must be the slogan of every African because it’s in the heads that things happen, good as bad. We must therefore make all Africans a peaceful army determined to industrialize the continent.

When it comes to planning the industrialization of the continent, there are honest African skills who have a very good “project culture”, many of which are good news for industrialized countries. They know how to concretize achievements by optimizing quality, costs and deadlines. Because they have never been better served than by themselves, it is therefore appropriate to involve them in the industrialization project of the continent. They will also be able to identify the necessary training as needed to regain autonomy and, if necessary, favor the purchase of turnkey factories integrating the various training courses.