Deontology / Ethics

ODEPA applies the highest moral standards and follows a approach that is based on strong ethics. We envision our relationships, especially with the institutional environment, with a focus on direct contact, explanation and conviction. We work with the constant desire to highlight the values ​​and assets of our constituents. We defend their concerns transparently and in full respect for the public debate that we favor.

Remediation of essentially commercial practices :

Many harmful African and foreign actors in Africa have done considerable damage while encouraging corruption by sometimes inciting it. ODEPA can lead a major action at the African level to fight against this scourge by putting in place the tools leading progressively to “good practice” in the interest of the continent.

Implementing a referencing tool for global actors (including African) operating on the African continent offers many advantages, including:

Encouraging good practices

Prior qualification of each operator on African soil to get rid of all the harmful elements

The transparency of the choices of decision-makers who, in addition to protecting the interests of Africa, is a determining factor in the fight against corruption

The signal to the whole world that Africa is waking up and taking its destiny in its hand